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Winter/Christmas Acrylic Nail Art Tutorial

Winter/Christmas Acrylic Nail Art Tutorial

Posted by Abbi Webster on

We visited a local nail salon (OMY Nails) to discuss all things nail art, and of course get our nails did! 💅Take a look below to see a step by step guide of how to get the perfect nails for the Christmas holidays! 🎄


Step One: 

Remove existing nail varnish, clean and prep the nail, add acrylics for length if thats your thing!


Step Two:

Apply chosen nail colour, we went for a lovely Christmas red, to all of the nails and let cure under UV light.


Step Three: 

Apply desired nail art - of course you have to add snowflakes for that wintery feel. Add a final top coat and cure the nails under UV light a final time.


Step Four: 

Then, if you fancy, add a layer of matte polish to finish them off.


Step Five: 

Take Inst-worthy pic, upload, and watch the likes roll in!


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