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Our Top 5: Fitness Apps

Our Top 5: Fitness Apps

Posted by Abbi Webster on

With the countdown to hotter weather, everyone is all about getting that summer bod. That may mean switching up your macros, starting a cut, or just getting a bit more active. We have rounded up the top 5 fitness apps you can download to make sure you're feeling 100 when you jet off around the globe.


The All-Rounder: 8fit

This app is a one-stop-shop when it comes to fitness and nutrition - its like having a personal trainer and nutritionist in one. You can create custom-made exercises and meal plans based on your own goals, your current stats and preferences. 


The Time Pressed Workout: Sworkit

Being busy is one of the biggest barriers to keeping fit! Sworkit's customisable programmes allow you to fit in a targeted workout, whether its for 40 minutes or 4. You can choose between cardio, strength, stretching or yoga, input the time you have, and out comes a video guided, timed, scientist-approved workout that will help you trim fat, put on muscle, or just loosen up. Now back to that Netflix binge.


For Outdoor Cardio: Nike Run Club

This innovative app tracks your runs via GPS, as well as provides audio-guided runs for both running newbies and personalised coaching plans fit for hardcore racers. Each run will help you build endurance, strength and speed. 


To Keep You on Track: MyFitnessPal

Consistently one of the top downloaded apps in the health and fitness category, the king of calorie counting apps! With its massive database of foods and easy barcode-scanning capabilities, it makes tracking your food intake and macros effortless.


For Posting on Social Media: Relive

It's part of everyone's post gym routine to post about it on social media, right? There is absolutely no shame in that. There is however, some shame in posting the same boring photo of a sweaty selfie or your usual running route. Your followers want variety on your feed, so use Relive to give them just that! You can link it to apps like Strava, then sit back and watch as Relive creates a video plotting your route on a 3D map and also automatically includes your peak heart rate, highest elevation, top speed and any photos you took along the way.

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