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Our Top 5: Summer Party Spotify Playlists

Our Top 5: Summer Party Spotify Playlists

Posted by Abbi Webster on

Summer is here - season of festivals, Ibiza, Love Island and (theoretically) some long, hot days. We've collated a list of our top 5 summer party playlists on Spotify to keep your summer sounding great throughout, whatever your plans.

5. Summer Hits UK

This fresh assortment of the latest sounds in pop, r'n'b, hip-hop and indie-flavoured rock brings together both rousing remixes and essential origins and it'll keep your summer as lit as humanly possible. With over 50 songs, this playlist will see you through almost a whole day of sunbathing!

4. Summer Throwbacks

Thos doesn't love a huge helping of nostalgia? This playlist carefully selects a mix of 'guilty pleasures', undeniable belters and those ones that got so stuck in your head they probably never left it in the first place. Expect to hear the likes of Rhianna, Calvin Harris, Shakira, Peter Andre and Fatboy Slim.

3. SUMMER 2019 Hits

This playlist is updated every week with all of the chart songs you'll no doubt be hearing all over the radio. So basically it's the UK Top 40 charts, without having to feel guilty that that's the playlist you actually chose to listen to!

2. Annie Mac's Musical Hot Water Bottle


For those Sunday (or, let's be honest, any day of the week) hangovers, from one of BBC 1's fave DJs, this playlist oozes with slower jams that'll get you through even the toughest of hangovers. 

1. Global New Releases 

Because there really is nothing better than knowing a song before it becomes mainstream, this playlist will really keep you on the pulse!


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