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Our Top 5: New Years Resolutions

Our Top 5: New Years Resolutions

Posted by Abbi Webster on

Yes we'e all heard it before, but there's something about a New Year that persuades us all into the #newyearnewme mindset. It's not a bad thing, but how about making some realistic goals for 2020 and set some resolutions that you'll actually stick to.

Here are a list of the resolutions we think are worth doing!

1. Get organised about your own goals

What is important for you in 2020? Friends? Family? Work? Focus on those goals and make sure they are at the forefront of your mind throughout the whole year.

2. Spend time with people who make you feel good and cut out as many toxic relationships as you can

Check in with yourself and notice who supports you, those who make you feel seen, and those you want to show up for. Making time for those who make you feel good works well with our first resolution, as having people around who support you and your goals is the key to success.

3. Use social media more smartly, not necessarily less

Social media is the biggest double-edged sword of our time: swiping through headlines and images of our fave celebs can sometimes make us feel more connected, but it can also make us feel isolated. Being aware of the way we use social media is key: how much, how often, what, and when. Make sure you're following and those who make you laugh, connect and love yourself.

4. Eat better and exercise more

It wouldn't be a resolutions list if 'being more healthy' waan't on the list! But be realistic with what you set out to do, setting the bar too high is unecessary. Instead, set yourself up for success. Opt for a walk instead of an Uber, and when it comes to diet, just aim for a healthier balance, rather than meal prepping chicken and veg every day!

5. Enjoy life more

Possibly the most important one of them all. Yes it is vague, but that's because what makes us enjoy life is different for everyone. Really figure out what this means for you, and follow it through. Make 2020 the best year yet. 


Thank you for all of your support throughout 2019, we hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to sharing 2020 with you too.



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