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MEET THE MODELS: Zac Cadwallander & Beth Conheeney

MEET THE MODELS: Zac Cadwallander & Beth Conheeney

Posted by Abbi Webster on


Our model search competition came to a close at the end of March, and we knew we found two very worthy winners! Zac Cadwallander and Beth Conheeney are two young aspiring models, who live at opposite ends of the country.

They came to meet us for our photoshoot, hosted by Love Island (season 1) contestant, Cally-Jane Beech. We pulled them to one side during the day to find out a bit more about them.


What is your name, age and where do you come from?

Beth: I’m Beth Conheeney, I'm 20 and from Huddersfield.

Zac: My name is Zac, I'm 23 years old, and I come from Exeter, Devon.


Have you done any modelling before? 

Beth: Yeah, a bit when I was younger, and I recently got signed up to a talent agency.

Zac: Bits and bobs, yeah little bits!


Why did you enter the competition?

Beth: To get more experience with models that have had more experience in the industry.

Zac: I just thought it would be a great opportunity and Certified are a nice clothing brand and so I definitely wanted to participate.


What’s your favourite look from today?

Beth: The swimsuit, well it will be!

Zac: Ah probably the matching shorts! What do you call them? Whats the word for them again, you know the two pieces? Yeah they were sick!


What's next for you? Anything exciting coming up in the future?

Beth: Nothing modelling planned yet, but show jumping. A lot of competitions coming up over the summer!

Zac: I’m going to Abode in the Park which is an all day festival, it’s going to be messy so that’s going to be great! But yeah, I have some more shoots booked so that’s exciting!


Where can we follow you on social?

Beth: On insta @beth_conheeney

Zac: You’re more than welcome to follow me on Facebook, but I have my mother on there so be careful! But Instagram @zaccadwallander and snapchat if needs be.


Whats been your favourite part of today's photoshoot?

Beth: Deffo hair and makeup!

Zac: Just meeting everyone, meeting everyone and having a good laugh really.


Quick Fire Round:

    1. Day or Night? B: Night Z: Night
    2. Night in or night out? B: Night out Z: Night out
    3. Summer or winter? B: Summer Z:
    4. Cat or dog? B: Dog
    5. Text or call? B: Call Z: Call
    6. Book or film? B: Book Z: Film
    7. Beach or city? B: Beach Z: Beach
    8. Vodka or Gin? B: Vodka Z: Vodka
    9. Dress up or dress down? B: Dress up Z: Dress up
    10. Iphone or Samsung? B: Iphone Z: Iphone, ha obviously!


Make sure to follow us on Instagram to see our campaign shots featuring Zac and Beth. 

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