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MEET THE MODELS: Cally-Jane Beech Q&A

MEET THE MODELS: Cally-Jane Beech Q&A

Posted by Abbi Webster on

Love Island (season 2) babe, Cally-Jane Beech, was our model competition host and omg was she on fire! As well as being a total delight to work with, she looked unreal in every single outfit she wore.

Whilst on set, we did a quick interview with her so we could get the goss about all she is getting up to. Read below or scroll to the bottom for the video!

Tell us a bit about yourself

So, my name is Cally and I am a TV personality, a model and a singer


What do you think of the competition winners?

Oh I think they’ve done really well today! I thought they were models when they first came in. They were nice and really friendly.


Are you excited for the night out?

I am! It’s going to be fun. I feel like there’s a lot of us so it could get rowdy. But, I think I’ll be there to supervise.


What have you been up to recently? 

I’ve been doing a lot of shoots really, more abroad locations than anything. I’ve been to Dubai quite a lot recently.


Do you have anything exciting coming up?

Yep! So I am about to release my first music single! So keep your eyes out for that!


Where can we follow you on social?

 My Instagram and Twitter is @misscallyjane and my snapchat is callyjane1991


What is your go to outfit?

Definitely a dress down outfit! So a tracksuit or anything comfortable really.


What was your favourite look from today's photoshoot?

Definitely the underwear sets! I love the colours and they’re summery and I love my summer shoots.


Any tips for someone wanting to get into the industry?

Yeah I think just networking as much as possible really. Doing some test shoots of yourself and sending them out to agencies.


Quick Fire:

  1. Day or Night? Day
  2. Night in or night out? Both
  3. Summer or winter? Summer
  4. Cat or dog? Dog
  5. Text or call? Call
  6. Book or film? Film
  7. Beach or city? Beach
  8. Vodka or Gin? Gin
  9. Dress up or dress down? Dress down
  10. Iphone or Samsung? Iphone

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