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Spotted in Certified: Joe Mclean

Spotted in Certified: Joe Mclean

Posted by Abbi Webster on

Ex on the Beach...jam-packed with beach babes, muscular males and drama.

Enter Joe McLean, the ex of Geordie Shore's Zahida Allen.

The Tyneside lad who works as a personal trainer, has revealed that Zahida had been unfaithful, and that caused the relationship to fall apart.

“The second time I fell in love was with Zahida, she was the only girl that I've ever been faithful with. I thought that she was honest, innocent - everything that she's not really.”

Uh oh.


Despite being the party boy on the toon, Joe explained on Ex On The Beach that he still had feelings for Zahida:

"The reason I kicked off so much is because there's definitely still feelings there. I still love the girl to be honest and I didn't wanna hear that she'd already done something by the time I got there."





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