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Joe Mclean

Joe Mclean

Posted by Danni Godrey on

Ex on the Beach is finally back on our screens and jam-packed with beach babes, muscular males and drama.

Things kicked off in the first episode of Ex on the Beach when Geordie Shore lass, Zahida Allen, was the first to meet and greet her ex, Joe McLean.

The Tyneside lad who works as a personal trainer, revealed that Zahida had been unfaithful, and that caused the relationship to fall apart.

“"The second time I fell in love was with Zahida, she was the only girl that I've ever been faithful with. I thought that she was honest, innocent - everything that she's not really.”

Uh oh.


The EXplosive episode gave us plenty to talk about… but the tablet of terror gave us more. Joe and blonde-bombshell Maisie were sent to the penthouse for some ‘alone time’. But, Zahida made sure that’s far from what they got.

Despite being the party boy on the toon, Joe explained that he still had feelings for Zahida:

"The reason I kicked off so much is because there's definitely still feelings there. I still love the girl to be honest and I didn't wanna hear that she'd already done something by the time I got there."

The broken-hearted 23 year old may still have a chance with Zahida, but is in fierce competition with Sean, who Zahida slept with in the penthouse on the first night.

Can they sort it out? Or will somebody be left broken-hearted and crying into a kebab?

Roll on next week!

Ex On The Beach continues, Tuesdays at 10pm - MTV!



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