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Interview with DJ Bluey

Interview with DJ Bluey

Posted by Abbi Webster on

DJ Bluey is a music producer that’s killing it in the industry, we catch up with Bluey and talk fashion risks, motorbike accidents, dreams and much more!

Who’s your biggest musical influence?
My biggest musical influence is the king of Pop - Michael Jackson!

What’s it like touring with Fatman Scoop?
Touring with Fatman Scoop is very entertaining, to say the least! Theres never a dull moment when I’m with him. He is constantly making me laugh. It's also very educational in terms of finding out the history of hip hop music and learning from those who pioneered the sound now considered to be pop.

What has been the best life experience you’ve had?
My best life experience was waking up alive from a crazy motorbike accident to find myself intact, but I'd lost 12 years of memory. I had to learn to play instruments again including turn tables.. more importantly I learned to value life and not to take any unnecessary risk!

What’s your biggest dream?
My biggest dream is to be rich & powerful enough to provide free health care for the whole of Africa.

What made you want to be a music artist?
The passion I have for music made me become a musician, as well as the effect music has on me, the good energy I absorb and the good energy I am able to pass on to others because of it.

What’s on your rider? (What list of things do you request before a gig e.g. a particular drink or food, vanilla scented candles etc.)
On my rider, I have sea food (preferably sushi) cashew nuts and bananas for the energy (often don't get time to eat properly after jumping off a plane, going straight to sound check and taking a quick nap, shower). Ohh and chocolate chip cookies!

Who would you love to collaborate with?
I would love to collaborate with Black Coffee, I think his sound is amazing. And also the Martinez Brothers.

Is there a venue/country/festival that you haven’t performed at yet that you’d love to in the future?
I really want to perform in Romania. The events and festivals look insane!

If you had to choose one party destination this summer where would you go and why?
Well, I've never been to Coachella before.. so that would be my first choice!

Who’s the most famous person in your phone contacts?
Urmm.. Idris Elba.. & Akon. Haha, sorry, I don't know who is more famous.

What’s your favourite song of all time?
My favourite song of all time is "Roy Davis Jr - Gabriel" such a banger. It really touched my soul from a young age.

Have you ever made any big fashion mistakes? This could refer to clothing, hair styles, piercings etc.
I don't do fashion mistakes. If I am rocking it then it's meant to be!

Describe yourself in 3 statements!
Good energy & vibes! Show destroyer! King of Swag!

Catch up with DJ Bluey and get onto his social channels! @djblueyofficial or visit his website:




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