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#CertifiedTattooFail - Meet Danny Robinson

#CertifiedTattooFail - Meet Danny Robinson

Posted by Abbi Webster on

Over July and August we ran a social competition to win a session with MTV's Just Tattoo Of Us star, Danny Robinson. The competition asked our followers to tag us in their own #CertifiedTattooFails, and the biggest fail would win a cover up session with Danny.

Chloe, our winner from Portsmouth, travelled up to Danny's studio (The Tattoo Lounge - Blackpool) and got her old tattoo covered with a forearm piece made up of her own photographs. This will forever remind her of her love for photography and nature.

After the 4 and a half hours long tattooing session with our competition winner, Chloe, we grabbed Danny for a quick chat to find out all about him, why he started tattooing, the weirdest tattoo he's ever done, and an insight into his future TV plans.


1. When and why did you first get into tattooing?

I was 19 years old when I first got into tattooing and I did it mainly for the love of art. I had been drawing since I was a kid. My grandad had tattoos, so that was a big influence for me. It was just something I always fancied getting into.


2. What's been the weirdest/most interesting tattoo you have been asked to do?

The weirdest tattoo I've ever done was a scaled to fit dildo on a girl's thigh, which was on a TV show I was a part of for a couple of years. So yeah, thats definitely the weirdest tattoo.


3. What's your favourite style/kind of thing to tattoo?

My favourite style of tattooing is black and grey realism, so animals... anything where I can get a realistic approach. That's my favourite style of tattooing.


4. What's your favourite thing about being a tattoo artist?

The best thing about being a tattoo artist is giving someone something they love, something permanent, and the artistic side to the job. I get to work with my friends as well, it's a good community to be involved in. I just love every aspect of the job.


5. What celebrity would you like to tattoo?

I think if I could pick any celebrity to tattoo, it would probably be Tom Hardy or maybe Conor McGregor. They're my favourite people at the moment.


6. Have you ever tattooed anyone famous?

I've tattooed a few famous people. A couple of reality stars, ex-footballers, current footballers. I recently tattooed Jade from Little Mix. So yeah, I've got a good celebrity clientele.


7. When did you get your first tattoo?

When I got my first tattoo I was 14. It was quite naughty. I don't recommend it. I got grounded for a month so, it wasn't the best thing to do at 14. But everyone at school thought I was pretty sick so it all worked out.


8. How was it working on MTV's Just Tattoo Of Us?

Working on Just Tattoo Of Us was fun, it was crazy... I didn't realise what I was letting myself in for when I first got involved. It was a lot more extreme than we thought. I'm not on it anymore, but it was a great two years when I was on it.


9. Any exciting plans coming up?

So I've got another little thing in the pipeline with MTV, doing it with my friend Jodie, it's called Positive Inking. We're basically doing nice tattoos for people, so they're coming on telling us their stories, what they've been through, and us as artists we're designing the tattoos for them. They don't know what they're getting until they see at the end, but it's all really nice compared to Just Tattoo Of Us.



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