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7 Celebrity Tattoo Fails

7 Celebrity Tattoo Fails

Posted by Abbi Webster on

7 Celebrity Tattoo Fails

Tattoos are one of the biggest trends in the 21st Century for celebrities and laymen alike. If you're thinking about getting a tattoo, or adding another to your growing collection, we have come up with a list of top tips to avoid some classic tattoo fails. If you want to have #noragrets, then learn from these 7 celebs who made some pretty awful mistakes!

1. Ariana Grande 

[Image by: British Vogue]

To celebrate the success of her single 7 Rings, Ariana Grande got a Japanese tattoo of the song title tattooed onto her palm. It turns out the tattoo actually said "shichirin", which is a Japanese barbecue grill. Not long after, she attempted to get it fixed, but now it just reads "Japanese BBQ finger".

Top tip #1:

Probably the most important tip when it comes to tattoos that use words. Make sure it's spelled correctly. In both languages if you're getting it done in a foreign language. 

2. Ryan Gosling

[Image by: Body Art Guru]

Whilst his tattoo somewhat resembles a cactus, the actor revealed his tat it is actually "supposed to be a monster's hand dropping a bloody heart". He has nobody but himself to blame as he did it himself with a tattoo kit.

Top tip #2: 

Don't do it yourself. Take the time to find the right artist for the job, even if it means waiting a while.

3. Harry Styles

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Star by @freddy_negrete lettering i did on @harrystyles. Good meeting u bro.

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There's nothing wrong with wanting a tattoo of your favourite song lyrics! Except when you get the lyrics wrong, just like Harry Styles did when he got his favourite lyrics from Sweet Disposition, by The Temper Trap, tattooed on his arm. Reportedly, girlfriend at the time Taylor Swift, told him they were wrong but he didn't believe her. 

Top tip #3:

If you're thinking of getting song lyrics, make sure they're the right ones. 

4. Cheryl

[Image by: Independent]

When married to Ashley Cole, Cheryl got "Mrs C" tattooed on the back of her neck to commemorate their marriage. 2 divorces, and a few other break ups, later, you don't need us to explain why it was a silly thing to do.

Top tip #4: 

Yes some couple tattoos can be cute, but putting someone's name or initials on you isn't the best idea. Unfortunately relationships aren't always as permanent as the ink on your skin. So our advice is just don't risk it.

5. Lil Wayne

[Image by: Page Six]

Face tattoos are never a good idea. Apparently, a tattoo of teardrops on the face is prison shorthand for the number of people someone has killed. Not a good look Lil Wayne.

Top tip #5:

No face tattoos. No exceptions.

6. Chris Brown

[Image by: Spin]

Chris' tattoo bares an uncanny resemblance to the widely circulated police photo of Rhianna after he assaulted her in 2009. He of course denies that the tattoo is Rhianna, instead he claims it's just a "random woman" and the tattoo artist says it was inspired by M.A.C cosmetics Mexican celebration of Day of the Dead. Either way, it's still a rubbish tattoo. 

Top tip #6: 

Don't get a tattoo that could easily be interpreted as something else. 

7. Zac Efron

[Image by: Heightline]

Whilst it's true you do only live once, it doesn't mean you should get a fleeting fad permanently inked on your skin. Zac's infamous tattoo was done at some point in 2012 and has been missing in photos going as far back as 2014, so we are going to assume he got it *justifiably* removed.

Top tip #7:

Remember that fads are fads, so something that is trending right now wont be in a few years time. It's probably better to not get YOLO, FOMO or TTYL tattooed on your body.


Have you got a tattoo fail that could rival our top 7 celeb list? If so, we are running a tattoo cover up competition with MTV's Just Tattoo Of Us Danny Robinson. You can read our T&Cs here and enter either on Instagram or Facebook.


[Feature image by: British Vogue]



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