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12 Essential Apps for Students

12 Essential Apps for Students

Posted by Abbi Webster on

There really is an app for everything these days! From tracking your sleep to every fitness app under the sun, you can use an app to do it all. To honour the back to school season, we put together a list of our fave apps we think every student should have on their phone, just in case!

1. what3words - Android | iOS

When it comes to safety in a new town, you can never be too safe. This app uses your exact location and puts it into 3 words. You can even use these words to explain to emergency services exactly where you are just in case you manage to get yourself lost, stranded or injured.

2. Evernote - Android | iOS

Free to download, works on both Android and iOS and is excellent at keeping all your notes in one place! You can sync your notes across all of your devices and if you need to find something specific in your notes for revision or essay writing you can search by any word you know you have used. If you prefer the ancient pastime of handwriting your notes, the app allows you to upload written work to the app too. You can also share notes with other Evernote users, so if you get all your friends on it then you can borrow their notes when you cant face the dreaded 9am lecture!

3. Splitwise - Android | iOS

This one is especially good if you're in the house sharing stage of university. You can use it to track bills and other shared expenses like meals and drinks out or even a joint birthday present. You'll never have to worry about remembering to pay someone back again!

4. EasyBib - Android | iOS

Whilst no pat of essay writing is ever going to be fun, the worst part is always going to be the bibliography. The people behind EasyBib understand that referencing is tiring and time-consuming, so they made an app that will do it all for you - hassle free. It has 7000+ referencing styles so no matter the format your uni uses, EasyBib is likely to have it covered. All you have to do is scan the barcode of the book you're using and EasyBib will do the hard bit for you. All you have to do when you've finished your work is email your complete bibliography to yourself and copy and past!

5. Tinder - Android | iOS

Do we really need to explain this one? We think not.


6. Drunk Mode - Android | iOS

Let's be honest - we have all had beer fear at least once in our lives. You've promised yourself (and your friends) all night that you won't drunk text your ex, but low and behold, you wake up the next morning to some dreadfully spelt declarations of love sent at gone 3am. The people behind Drunk Mode understand this inevitability all too well! So they created an app where you can hide selected contacts for up to 12 hours (landlords and bosses probs should be on this list too, just incase). It also has a few other functions, like finding your friends if they have the app too and the Breadcrumbs feature allows you to retrace your exact steps when you're trying to fill in the blanks!

7. Uber - Android | iOS

Cheaper than taxis and more reliable than public transport, Uber is an easy way to get to and from without it costing a fortune or you getting where you need to be over an hour late. 



8. Sleep Cycle - Android | iOS

Sleeping patterns are a bit of a weird one at university. All nighters (work or play) are inevitable, hangovers leave you bed bound and there's noone but yourself to make sure you attend all your lectures. Because of this, your trusty internal alarm clock will go to s**t. Sleep Cycle is an intelligent alarm clock that analyses your sleep and wakes you up in your lightest sleep phase. Essentially, even if you're not sleeping for very long, it'll do it's best to make sure you're the least amount of tired you could possibly be.


9. Trainline - Android | iOS

Of course you're going to want to go home at some point - even if it is just for your mum to do all the washing you've not done the whole of your first semester. The Trainline app is great for keeping all your tickets in one place without having to print them off and forever being anxious you've lost it or left it somewhere.


10. Monzo - Android | iOS

This one is really great for budgeting! The online mobile banking app has multiple features including different saving pots, rounding up your purchases to save without noticing, and tracking where you spend your money. It also comes with a fluorescent pink card that everyone asks where and how you got it!


11. myHomework Student Planner - Android | iOS

This digital planner will be your best friend. With nobody else to rely on when it comes to hand in dates, attending classes and spending enough time revising, myHomework Student Planner will help you easily track your classes, homework, tests and projects so you don't have to. Because, let's be honest, which social you're attending that night is always going to take priority!

12. UNiDAYS - Android | iOS

An absolute essential and one of the biggest perks of being a student - aside from shirking adulthood for 3 more years! Forget the days where students could only scrape together enough change to eat baked beans and pasta for weeks on end! With UNiDAYS you'll be able to afford to eat out all the time with up to 50% off selected restaurants and bars. All you need to sign up is an accredited email address.


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